Hi there! First of all, I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by. My name is Alice Omayo, For most of my life, I ate anything I wanted. I was a cheesecake Addict, drank lots of wine, ate my greens, Worked lots and longer hours, exercised frequently, ate out occasionally, enjoyed processed foods then started developing complications. And that lifestyle landed me where that diet typically does, in a hospital. It was then, in the hospital bed more than two years ago. A year later, I developed more complications that I decided to make health my number one priority.

All of a sudden having lived most of my life free of major illnesses. I was faced with 5 different health Issues or more that I had to either deal with urgently. I am a mother of two young children and I was all of a sudden afraid of leaving them without a mother.I went into an hypertensive emergency that got me hospitalized, had thyroid nodules that made it hard for me to even sleep a night and many late emergency visits, Fibroid that needed surgery to stop them from rapturing, Heavy bleeding during my periods due to fibroids, possibility of cervical cancer, over weight and pain and so on.

I used my new found inspiration for living a healthy life to drive my energy into investigating what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production. I didn’t go to nutrition school to learn this. I had to teach myself everything spending hours researching, watching, reading and talking to experts. As I began to learn more, I was no longer duped by big business marketing tactics, confused by lengthy food labels, and it became easier for me to live in this over-processed world. Most importantly, the more I learned and the more lessons I put into action, the better I felt and wanted to tell everyone about it! My hope for you is that by assimilating the information you learn on www.aliceomayo.com into your own life, you can experience a richer sense of health and well being than you ever imagined possible!