Three Steps for Plant-Based Dishes

Creating a plant-based dish is like constructing a building—start with a solid foundation. For plant-based dishes, the foundation consists of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates provide much-needed fuel, energy, and fiber. Next, add vegetables and fruits to your foundation. Then, choose spices, sauces,

and condiments to give your dish the desired flavor. For each step, select from a wide variety of food.

Step 1. Start with one or more complex carbohydrates:

whole grains (ex: Barley, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Bulgur, Amaranth,Millet,quinoa, couscous)

Starchy vegetables (ex: Potatoes,Parsnip,Plantain,Pumpkin,Acorn squash,Butternut squash,Green Peas,Corn.)

legumes (ex:Chickpeas,Lentils,Peas,Kidney Beans,Black Beans,Soybeans,Pinto Beans,Navy Beans.)

Step 2. Add non-starchy vegetables and/or fruits, ex: peppers,broccoli,pineapple chunks,Artichoke, Celery,Cucumber and many more.

Step 3. Add spices, sauces, and condiments


Breakfast Examples

Millet + berries + cinnamon

Oil-free sautéed hash brown potatoes with garlic, onions, peppers + fresh fruit

Gluten free bagel + hummus + sliced tomatoes+ Avocado

Toasted gluten free bread + peanut butter + sliced apples + sliced banana

Millet/ Gluten Free cereal + non-dairy milk + fresh fruit or banana

Millet + banana + spinach + frozen berries + flax seeds blended into a smoothie


Lunch and Dinner Examples:

Corn tortilla + smashed pinto beans + guacamole + shredded greens

Gluten free Wrap/ roll + portobello mushroom burger + mustard + pickles

Butternut squash bisque + peas + curry powder

Baked potato topped with beans + corn + salsa

Gluten free pasta + marinara sauce + cannellini beans + fresh herbs + olives

Rice noodles + peas + cherry tomatoes + Thai seasoning

Brown rice topped with bean chili + tomatoes + chopped lettuce

Sweet potato Chickpea Pizza shell + tomato sauce + sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, avocado + sprinkled nutritional



Each of these dishes can be a stand-alone meal. Or eat it with soup, salad, fruit, or other side dishes.


Porridge + sliced banana + frozen mixed berries + greens

Gluten free pancakes + applesauce + frozen blueberries


Baked sweet potato + black beans + frozen corn + chopped green pepper + chopped green onions.

Rice noodles + frozen peas + cherry tomatoes + teriyaki dressing

Sweet potato and chickpea pizza crust + pizza sauce + sliced onions, sweet peppers, broccoli, asparagus

Quinoa + frozen mixed veggies + cherry tomatoes + curry sauce, over lettuce

Gluten free linguine + ready-made, frozen seitan meatballs + marinara sauce + side salad of raw vegetables with vinaigrette dressing.

Orzo + arugula + cherry tomatoes + nutritional yeast topping.